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Casa Olivos, Cuartos Ampliados
Casa Olivos, Cuartos Ampliados • Vigilancia las 24 hrs • Rodeada de importantes vías de acceso • Cerca de escuelas, centros comerciales y bancos • 2 Bodegas • 2 suites con vestidor • Opción para una 4a recamara • Áreas comunes amplias y cómodas • Cocina con desayunador Read more...

Bonito Departamento en Fraccionamiento Recidencial
Bonito Departamento en Fraccionamiento Recidencial Parques independientes. Vigilancia 24 hrs. Depto Prado Coapa 122 m2 (incluyendo los estacionamientos) 2 recámaras (con opción a hacer una tercera) 2 baños, 2 estacionamientos, sala, comedor, cocina, cuarto de servicio. Read more...

Casa con consultorio (Local) independiente, 4 amplios cuartos
Casa con consultorio (Local) independiente, 4 amplios cuartos • Favorable a la salud por su altura y clima • Área independiente para consultorio o Local • Se evita el trafico para trabajar • 4 Amplias recamaras • 3 autos • Jardín • Patio trasero • Area para bodega, estudio. (Azotea) Read more...

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The city of Aguascalientes has been a point of inters for foreigners (Europeans, Asians and specially Americans) that invest in real estate. Aguascalientes city is located in the heart of the Mexican Republic, neighboring with the estates of Zacatecas and Jalisco. It’s a small and modern city, which has been growing tremendously in the last years. Aguascalientes is a great opportunity for investors in real estate, it offers a large diversity of properties and the prices are great.

Investors are arriving from other countries as well from other cities in the Republic (Mexico) to take advantage of this special opportunity. It doesn’t matter what kind or amount of investment they want to achieve; they can buy houses, apartments, lots (there are urbanized lots ready and available for those who want to develop housing); ranches, industrial developments, commercial buildings, etc.

The city is growing in the four directions, but the one with a higher demand is the area in the north-west of the city; it is the area where the best schools and shopping centers are located. But there are excellent projects to develop the south part of the city as well; this is a great opportunity for those who want a medium term investment, buying now and developing later, making a good profit; even only from the land in the city of Aguascalientes.

The value of the properties (house, apartment, ranch or lots) varies upon its location, but at the same time all of them are considered a good investment, regardless of its location. It very important to know the physical condition of the property, as well as the legal status of it; is recommended to have the support of a professional realtor who can guide the investor step by step through the acquisition process.

PropABC is a secure, serious and professional company that provides access and information to both investors and real estate brokers in Aguascalientes. It has a net of real estate agents, both local and nation wide; being an AMPI member (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals). Agents have access to this information to offer their clients only the most recent data for security of the buyer’s investment. There is excellent information in the internet that can be very helpful for people in the area as well as for people doing real estate transactions from other cities or countries. In these web pages people can find from real estate agents, to real estate laws; this information is very serious and professional. Although investors always have to consult with professionals to make sure the information is up to date and applies to their specific needs. The web site www.propabc.com is easy to surf, but above all it will be of great use for those who want to invest or look for real estate information in Aguascalientes and Mexico. 

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**Please Verify Prices**
Prices used are in Mexican pesos and American dollars. Property prices may vary without notice, due to various reasons like: failure to update, currency fluctuations, etc.

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